The Long Haired Rottweiler !!!

Is There Really a Long Haired Rottweiler

Are you wondering about the long haired Rottweiler? Maybe you have just seen one and would like to know whether he or she was a cross breed? Or perhaps you would like to bring a Rottweiler into your home and think that a long haired lovely is the one for you?

Well read on and learn, for we have plenty of information on the Rottweiler and right here we are going to share the secrets of the Rotty with long hair.

How Do You Get a Long Haired Rottie?

The Long Haired RottieMany people are confused when they see anything but the traditional short haired version of the Rottweiler. They think that if you see one with long or rough hair that they must not be a pure breed. Well that may be the case in some that you see, but it is not incredibly uncommon for a Rotty to be born with more hair than expected.

When the American Kennel Club (AKC) decided on breed restrictions, they decided that the long haired and rough haired Rottweilers did not meet breed standards. As beautiful as this long haired dog is, they will not place in the show ring because they do not meet AKC standards.

There is actually quite a large demand for  Rottweilers with longer hair, but few breeders are willing to sell them.There are strict guidelines attached to

Rottweiler breeding and many professional breeders will not sell unaltered long or rough haired Rottweilers.

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The genetic reason for long hair in the Rottweiler breed is not fool proof. Even if you bred two dogs with long, flowing, locks you would be likely to get only one or two long haired puppies in the litter. Currently, due to kennel club standards being adhered to, many long haired Rottweiler puppies will be euthanized. You may be surprised to learn of a rough coated Rotty This rough haired gene is also scorned in the show ring by the AKC.

Concerns About Long Haired Rottweilers

Long Haired Rottweiler

I was actually asked recently whether the long haired Rottweiler carried health problems.

After endless hours of research, I discovered that the long haired Rotty does not seem to have any health issues to speak of. They are a very healthy breed of dog, much like the regular shorter, smoother haired version you normally see.

There does not appear to be any specific diseases or genetic problems that come along with having long hair. So you don’t need to worry about any extra health issues if you are planning on including a long haired Rottweiler into your family.

Because there have been many cases of The Rottweiler being bred for the wrong reasons, within the Rottweiler community, breeding is usually strictly about ethics. Any long haired Rottweiler puppies that come out of a litter will all be altered and placed as “pet quality” and sold as personal companions.This is far better than the aforementioned euthanisia.

With the breed knowledge that we have so far it seems that there are absolutely no signs of temperament change due to the long haired gene. These dogs are just as sweet and gentle as their siblings. This is why they make such great family dogs.

Should You Invest in a Long Haired Rott?

Fuzzy Adorable Rottweiler

I would definitely recommend this dog to you. If you are a fan of long haired dogs, you love Rottweilers, the long haired Rottweiler will be the perfect addition to your family