The Rottweiler and the chicken : An unlikely friendship

Charlee loves her chicken friends at C.B.S. indoor gardening businessNT

A couple times a week, when the shop is quiet and their owner is busy, Charlee the dog and Penny the chicken have a go at each other.

But make no mistake, the large Rotweiller loves her nine-month-old chicken friend named Penny.

“They are awesome friends. Best of friends,” said owner Steve Ivany.

In fact, Charlee has had quite a few chicken friends over her two short years, and customers at Good 2 Grow NL in Conception Bay South are often treated to their antics.

Videos of Charlee sharing a dog treat with another chicken, and Charlee and Penny playing around the indoor gardening shop have been shared on the business’s Facebook page.

“Penny’s the boss in the shop. Charlee doesn’t like to be pecked in the face, and Penny has a tendancy to peck her in the face.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there — Penny lays an egg in the small shop once a day, sending Charlee on a daily Easter egg hunt.

“She doesn’t eat them. She won’t even break them.”