5 Huge Rottweilers Stare Up At Mom, Then She Films The Moment She Yells ‘Good Boys!’

In the video below, you are about to see five of the biggest, cutest, most well-behaved Rottweilers you have ever witnessed.

A woman from Welwyn Garden City in the United Kingdom gathered her five Rottweilers in the kitchen. It was time to give them their lunch.

One simple command of “Wait!” and the five dogs stood completely at attention, unblinking eyes staring right at her.

They almost looked like soldiers waiting for a signal!

Mom then went one-by-one, placing a large bowl of food in front of the Rottweilers.

Each of them took one look at the delicious meal that awaited them before looking up at her again, almost as if to say, “We’re ready when you are, Mom!”

When Ralph, JJ, Stan, Roman, and Kizer finally all had a big bowl of food in front of them, Mom took one last moment before yelling “Good boys!”

And with what seemed like incredible, practiced efficiency, the five pups started digging in!

Have you ever seen such well-behaved boys?

Even I must admit, if you put a plate of food in front of me when I’m hungry, my willpower won’t be as good as the Rottweilers in the video below!

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